Welcome to DSXNews.com.  DSX, the World’s Best News Engine!

DSX is a full text indexed real time news processing / syndication platform.

Is your website suffering from a lack of quality content?  Are your readers sick of the same internet pabulum available everywhere?  Consider adding quality, focused, Associated Press member generated content to your website.

The sidebar on this page to your right display’s some Offbeat News from Associated Press.  The content is integrated on this WordPress site using a plugin developed by TQuist.

Explore below to see different ways to integrate DSX generated content!



WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin puts news on your site in just a few clicks.

WordPress PHP

Integrate DSX News with basic PHP development.

Default PHP

Basic web page / php integration
DSX News is technology.  DSX includes a real time, full text indexed, database that supports Boolean search functionality.  There is web interface for administrative access and content delivery.

DSX News running here is processing Associated Press member generated data.  TQuist (the folks running DSXNews.com) would like to thank Associated Press for providing demonstration content for this website.  Contact us today if you are interested in adding a customized Associated Press member content feed to your website.