The DSXNews WordPress Plugin, developed by TQuist, allows for DSXNews integration without the need of web development.

The plugin uploads via the standard WordPress plugin upload interface.  After being activated the administrator can access the newly created Widget in WordPress widget area.  There are a handful of configuration options:

  1. Feed Title
  2. Feed URL (supplied by TQuist)
  3. Widget Height
  4. Number of items to display – 5, 10, 15 or 20.

Widget CSS is exposed and can be modified though the WordPress theme CSS editor.  DSXNews plugin CSS related documentation can be found here.

The DSXNews process for adding real news content to your website:
  1. Start the content evaluation process today!  DSXNews WebSelect feeds are highly customized to deliver targeted news content to your website.
  2. Determine best way to integrate DSXNews onto your website.  WordPress options, Joomla, and basic PHP are available.  The customizable, flexible, nature of the DSX platform allows integration to almost any content delivery platform.
  3. TQuist will deliver all customized files and detailed installation instructions to you or your designated web developer.
  4. Contact us today to start.