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LUNENBURG, Mass. (AP) _ Wally the golden retriever did exactly what his breed is supposed to do during a recent swim in a Massachusetts lake, retrieving a small rodent and giving it a ride to shore on his back before ending the trip with a little kiss _ an interaction all caught on video by Wally's owner.

Lauren Russell was at Hickory Hills Lake in Lunenburg with Wally last month when he came across what appeared to be a woodchuck in the water, she told WCVB-TV on Monday.

``He was about 100 meters out and a woodchuck, I think, just crawled right up on his back and he swam back to shore with him,'' Russell said.

Wally is a friendly dog, but she had never seen anything like this.

``We were flabbergasted. It was unbelievable. We couldn't believe what we were seeing,'' Russell said.

When they got close to shore, the dog and rodent gave each other a kiss before parting ways.

``They like touched snouts and then he ran away,'' Russell said.

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